Book 3 Timeline

Hey Everyone, 

I have had some inquiries about the release date for the third book of my Fae-Witch trilogy, The Secret Trinity: Reign, and I am happy to say that your wait shouldn’t be long.  I guess it technically depends on your definition of long, but I expect it to be ready by mid – to late September.  I hope this timeline is not too many nights of nail biting anticipation for you, because I can’t wait to share with my fans how I wrap up my debut series.  I will be sure to post with updates on my progress as I plug along.  Thanks all, I am so flattered by your enthusiasm for this finale which is definitely a better motivator then my Red Bull could ever wish to be 🙂  


7 thoughts on “Book 3 Timeline

  1. Catherine says:

    Im so excited, and I look forward to reading your next books-whatever they are.

  2. Kathleen Etter says:

    Read the first two books this past weekend and about to read them again just for fun. I am looking forward to the next book.

  3. Hi can you please let me know thanks

  4. Fei says:

    cannot wait for the third installment!! i enjoyed the first two books very much….thank you for a great read!!

  5. Jennifer Berndt says:

    I read the first two in a day. I can’t wait.for the third. =)

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