Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

I will be posting the final cover for, The Secret Trinity: Reign (Fae-Witch Trilogy, Book 3) by the end of the week.  My cover artist, J.R. Nelson and I have been collaborating on how to tie the three book covers together, and I am excited to soon share with you what we came up with.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

  1. Shannon Leigh says:

    Super excited! I have been spreading the word about this series. It’s been a nice departure from others I’ve read. It’s refreshing, creative, and super addictive! Can’t wait for this!

    • jennabernel says:

      Hi Shannon, Thank you for the kind words and for spreading the word. Half of the battle as an indie author is trying to spread the word about your work and I feel so lucky that I have amazingly supportive fans like you to help me in this daunting task 🙂

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