Author Interview!

As we move along on the blog tour recap I’ve posted a second look of my author interview with bookshelf confessions!

Interview with Jenna Bernel:

One/Two word/s that describe your book?

Rockin’ Romance!

I know it’s a bad pun about Clay’s powers but I couldn’t resist 🙂  

One sentence: Why we should read your book?

The book has so many layers, as the story unfolds you will find yourself absorbed in magic, romance, humor, adventure, and before you know it you’ll have flown through its pages eager to start the next.   

Why was it titled “Unearth”?

All of the book titles have double meaning; the words themselves allude to the progression of Ari’s journey, while the secondary incorporates one of the magical powers seen in the series.  Unearth, for example is a play on words describing the marker in Ari’s story with the unveiling of her past, while also tying in the Eartha Fae powers (the ability to move earthly elements).  Many late nights were spent with a thesaurus in my clutches combing through every possibility until finally landing on Unearth, Ignite, and Reign for the series titles.     

If you would become one of the characters of your book, who would it be?

Ari! She gets all the best powers, hot guys, and awesome friends.  Please-oh-please give me her life (insert prayer here).

If this would turn into a movie, who would be the main cast?

AnnaSophia Robb as Ari

Freddie Stroma as Liam

Robbie Amell as Clay

Anna Kendrick as Morgan

Emma Roberts as Kayla

Music or Book?

Books.  In my opinion books activate your imagination in a way that no other type of entertainment can.

Love or Life?

I’m a completely hopeless romantic, probably to a fault.  But I’ve been this way since before I can remember, even before I read Romeo & Juliet in middle school which certainly didn’t help.  I truly believe that LOVE is life.

Reality or Fantasy?

Fantasy… wait Reality… wait I might be dreaming right now… do I actually write books for a living?  You better pinch me first and then I’ll be ready to give a definitive answer.   

If I can’t sleep, I would…

Drink a cup of sleepy time tea, while I mindlessly online shop, as crappy late night TV plays in the background, this routine usually equals sleep.  Wow, reality can be so boringly normal I’ve made my decision; I pick Fantasy, definitely Fantasy.

The craziest thing I did –

Fell in love, and fell again, and then I was crazy enough to keep on believing, totally worth it!

My greatest dream is

To be immortal, and having my name forever immortalized in the copyright office is getting me that much closer.

The place I’d like to go someday is

Anywhere, everywhere, I want to see each corner of the world hence this finicky business of needing to be immortal.  

I wish I had written:

Romeo & Juliet, though I might have written it with a happy ending, I’m a sucker for a happy ending. 

One thing people don’t know about me is:

I’m still involved in the dance world, teaching classes a couple of times a week in different styles including, Ballet, Tap, and Ari’s personal favorite in Unearth, Lyrical. 

Where could readers go to know more about you and your books?

Twitter: @jennabernel

Is there anything else you’d like to say?                                                              

I’m currently working on my next series which will star one of my favorite paranormal creatures, Vampires.  However, as I did with the Fae, this won’t be your ordinary Vampire story, and I can’t wait for you to discover my Jenna Bernel twist.  Stay tuned for updates on my FB and website as we get closer to the estimated release of book one this summer!  Thank you so much to all my fans and the amazingly hard working book bloggers who have helped get the word out about my Fae-Witch Trilogy.  Your support has literally made my dreams come true, and I look forward to more events where I can get to know all of my awesome fans!


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