Taste For Blood: Pour


Taste For Blood: Stir
(Nephil-Vamp Series)

Book 1
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Dani Madison’s life is no longer her own. With each passing day she struggles to hold onto all that she once knew, but as unfathomable revelations come to pass, she only finds more questions as she slowly pieces together the past.

Distraught over the capture of her partner, Eli, Dani’s on a mission to get him back, no matter what the cost. And every day she has to spend with Alec, the vampire responsible for her pain, while still so enigmatically drawn to him, a darkness grows inside her that could change the course of her life and the destiny of her people. Dani must fight for her strength to walk into the darkness and find the light, but nothing is more weakening than the void of a broken heart.

Taste For Blood: Pour
Now Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99
-Coming to Nook and Smashwords – TBD
-Coming to paperback –  TBD
Taste For Blood: Pour on 


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