The Secret Trinity: Glass Castles (Prequel Novella)

Glass Castles Final Cover

The Secret Trinity: Glass Castles (Prequel Novella)
Book 4
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Clay can’t sleep, he never could. Every night he’d close his eyes knowing the dreams would be waiting, but he couldn’t quite understand them, making each night more restless than the last. Clay was desperate to find answers to his dreams, and his need to escape Draíochta was beginning to drive him mad. He badly missed his Brother and wanted to visit him, but deep down he knew the need to leave was about more than family. There was a void in him that was growing more painful with each passing day. Life should be perfect for the fourteen year old Prince. It wasn’t.

Glass Castles is the story of Clay, a prequel novella to my Fae-Witch Trilogy. See Ari through Clay’s eyes, their day on the beach, and the events leading up to the moment that would change their lives, forever. It is meant to be read as the 4th and final in the series. Spoiler Alert: fair warning that if this short book is read before the Trilogy, you’ll learn information meant to be revealed over time within the series.

Title: The Secret Trinity: Glass Castles (Prequel Novella of the Fae-Witch Trilogy)
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The Secret Trinity: Glass Castleson


-“Fantastic companion to the series! Getting Clay’s perspective of ‘that day’ is so beautiful and heartbreaking – it really gives you a perfect glimpse of his mindset from the very beginning.” –Kate’sNomdePlume on

-“After reading all three installments of the series, again and again :), I found myself dragged into Clay’s thoughts in Glass Castles. I really enjoyed being able to focus on the guy’s take of that fateful day….” -Shana Benson on


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