The Secret Trinity: Complete Box Set

The Secret Trinity Box Set

The Secret Trinity: Complete Box Set
With a FREE Copy of Glass Castles
Click on image to go to Amazon for purchase!

The Secret Trinity Complete Box Set- Plus Free Bonus Prequel Novella!

Join Ari on her path to self-discovery in the acclaimed Fae-Witch Trilogy as she searches for the truth about life, magic, and most of all love.

Title: The Secret Trinity: Complete Box Set
Status: Now Available on Amazon Kindle for $5.99 and includes a FREE copy of Glass Castles!
•Coming to Nook and Smashwords – TBD
•Coming to paperback –  TBD
The Secret Trinity: Complete Box Seton


-“I had originally just bought book #1 “UNEARTH” and enjoyed it very much. When I got ready to purchase book #2 “IGNITE”, I found the boxed set was available, including all three original books, plus a fourth, which is a prequel. That was exciting in itself and, upon doing the math, found it to be a great value!…”THE SECRET TRINITY” series. I enjoyed it immensely! It has a terrific storyline with very entertaining characters, good action that keeps you either on your toes or on the edge of your seat! No secret is revealed before its time…don’t even try to guess because you will be wrong!…” –Kassie on

-“This is a great read…I love books about magic and this Trilogy did not disappoint. It has a great Story line what keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. It is clean written so it is good for all ages ( mainly teens). I was so drawn into this book that I had a hard time putting it down…I just love the characters and the Story line. If you love Magic and would like to escape into a world of Mystic for a while then this book is for you!” -Severine Miller on

-“There is great strength of friendship in the three young female friends, a strength that saves them, and great strength in character among the queens of Driachota, willing to sacrifice everything to save their people. This story is a wonderful fantasy, with characters who are compelling in how they deal with difficult, conflicting, and very human emotions. A truly enjoyable series!” -SuspenseFictionFan on


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